Andrew Thorp specialises in verbal PR or the art of storytelling. The concept is to make your message more meaningful, memorable and persuasive. This is the basis of my work in communication skills. Don’t just inform people with facts; inspire them with a great story!

The Brief

The project involved designing and developing a new website for Andrew to replace the existing out of date digital presence he had. We needed to make it strong and bold in line with his business concept and also to incorporate the extensive blog and social media presence. Andrew wanted to develop a case studies area of the site to showcase his recent work and also to highlight his impressive array of clients.

The design was developed using limited photography as obviously his business relied on speaking and verbal PR. We used iconography and the use of the speech motif to develop the look and feel. The colours and logo were also developed from scratch by PepperStreet to update the branding and give the site a more modern and vibrant outlook.

Project URL


Social Media Integration Icon Social Media Integration

Integration with MailChimp

 YouTube video integration

Skills used on this project

Logo design and branding
Website design PSD to HTML

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