New E-Commerce Enabled Website to sell accreditation courses online

IAOCR is the International Accreditation Organization for Clinical Research and is the world leader in clinical research competence verification and accreditation.

The Brief

To update the site from WIX onto WordPress and enable an e-commerce element to the website which means the company can now book and sell courses online. This streamlines the admin process for the company making the team more efficient.  We also needed to transfer all the content from WIX to wordpress.

The Work

We need to design a new website that was striking yet in keeping with the academic and clinical nature of the business. The website is content driven with a lot of text. The challenge was to create pages that were attractive and easy to navigate the depth of content. We used a lot of toggles to show headlines and open further details on content.

PepperStreet used a lot of iconography in the design. Imagery was probelmatic as the nature of the business doesn’t lend itself to large striking images. We needed again to satisfy the UX journey and icons following through the different available areas meant users could follow a path easily.

The end result is hopefully a website that has a massive wealth of information on it but can be easily navigated.

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  • Website Design

  • WordPress build

  • E-Commerce

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