Peak Proteins Launch New Website by pepperStreet

New design for an established Biotech company

Peak Proteins began as a small startup and has expanded rapidly and is now a leader in their field of protein production. Peak Proteins recently underwent re-branding and wanted that new branding reflected on the website.

The Brief

To take the new logo and banding and update the website. In addition, Peak Proteins have put in a resources section using a document library to manage all their various resources, news, blogs, audio, case studies, videos and PDF downloads.

The Work

PepperStreet worked closely with the team at Peak Proteins to ensure the design reflected not just their business but also appealed to their client base. The pharmaceutical industry is a relatively traditional industry which is subject to a myriad of regulations with regards to it’s products. The website for Peak Proteins therefore needed to engender trust and reliability. It needed to convey the qualifications and breadth of experience in the staff team so companies looking for their products and services would be reassured they would receive an excellent service and product.

Project URL


  • Website Design

  • Document Library

  • WordPress build

  • Team Listings

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