WooCommerce e-commerce website for Rosehill Contract Furnishings

Rosehill sell contract furniture to a wide variety of sectors and have an extensive range of both products and custom options. They needed to update their existing site in terms of design but more importantly from a usability perspective.

The Brief

PepperStreet was asked to:

  • Updated the look and feel of the site
  • Upgrade the usability of the site
  • Update and change the front end functionality of the site
  • Drastically change the way WooCommerce operated in the backend as it was clunky and difficult to use.

The Work

PepperStreet began by looking very closely at the functionality of the existing WordPress website and realised that the usability both front end and in the back was not suitable for the number of products and the complexity of the products which Rosehill offers. Their product range is extensive but also each product has multiple variants such as colour, wood, fittings and fabrics. Many of these optional extras is also conditional on other options which are selected. For example a chair may offer different arm fixtures but only if a specific type of chair is selected initially. Also the fabrics for chairs came in up to 15 ranges with 60 fabrics in each range. The challenge was how to display all these available options whilst maintaining the usability of the product pages.

We decided to keep WooCommerce as the basis for the e-commerce functionality. WooCommerce in itself is a powerful tool. What we then set out to do is find a series of suitable plugins which would allow the customisation of all the products. After extensive searching we discovered this plugin from Acowebs https://acowebs.com/woo-custom-product-addons allowing the products to be individually customised through a series of conditional forms. In addition an array of WooCommerce plugins for discounts, min/max quantities, additional tabs, search functionality and swatches allowed PepperStreet to produce a website which seems to navigate all the clients requirements and still deliver a usable digital experience.

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  • WooCommerce e-commerce website

  • Website Design

  • WordPress Build and Development

  • Usability Audit

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