We design and build websites for small to medium sized businesses. But then so do heaps of people, so what makes us special?

A website consists of many parts






Search Engine Optimization

At PepperStreet we focus on each of these areas for you to build a website that works for your business and is unique to you.


At the end of the day, the most important opinions about your business and your brand values are made within the first few seconds of a potential client visiting your website.

The look and feel of your website therefore plays a very important part in your business. It is your shop window in a digital world and if people look in and don’t see something that resonates with what they are looking for, you will have lost them as they move onto the next shop window.

You need to connect with potential clients through a competent website that reflects your brand and values. Whilst many themed or generic websites can of course present a professional face to the world, only a bespoke design tells the story of what your business is really about. If you are a creative marketing agency there is no point having a template website that screams of mediocrity and conservatism. Equally if you are selling funeral plans, probably best not to colour your website lime green and orange with a funky font and dancing meercats. What is important is that the website design reflects your business and allows you to instantly tell customers what your core values are.


However a lovely design is all very well but what if your clients can’t find the information they are looking for?

To continue the networking analogy, a well dressed and articulate member of staff at a networking event is all very well, but if they can’t produce a business card for a prospective client, or give detailed information of your product, they would be a poor ambassador for the company.

The information on your website needs to be concise, clear and easy to find. Whilst that may appear an obvious statement many websites really fail when it comes to usability with incomplete information, difficult navigation and little call to action. Back to the networking, your website should confidently and concisely deliver information on your business, present all the necessary information for a prospective client to make the next step and facilitate that next step through a call to action. That may be contact details or the ability to book or buy something online with you, either way your website needs to lead them very clearly down that path and not give them the opportunity to stray to a competitor.

Build and On Page SEO

The way your website is built can be key to ongoing digital business development.

At PepperStreet we use WordPresss websites as our chosen content management system. Why is a CMS important? A CMS increases the efficiency with which you can manage your website. Content can be publishing easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require coding knowledge. This allows you to manage website updates in house, saving your business cost and time.

WordPress is by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. Open source means free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.