Vicki Davidson Art Websire

Over lock-down PepperStreet helped Vicki Davidson launch her art online. Vicki is a nurse by day and also an extremely talented artist. She discovered that people were asking to buy her art but she has limited outlet for them to purchase. A market stall here and there and the odd exhibition. So we created her an e-commerce enabled website using WooCommerce, where she could showcase all her art work and allow people to buy originals, prints and gift cards.

The site also allowed her to take international payments in US Dollars, enable coupons to allow discounts and manage stock levels. The site using a backend editor which also means Vicki can manage her site and products in a day to day basis, eliminating the need for any costly alterations from her development team (me!). The site is versatile yet simple. PepperStreet worked on a design that would have impact whilst making sure it pushed the art to the forefront of the look and feel.

Ideas for extending a basic WooCommerce Shop

Using WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce means you can build on you initial website. Start small and therefore affordable and when you know the website is working for you, simply add on functionality here are a few ideas.

  1. Gift Wrapping
  2. Products add-ons such as
  3. Bulk Discounts
  4. Product Bundles
  5. Multi Currency
  6. Wishlists
  7. Product Comparisons
  8. Gift Cards
  9. Subscriptions
  10. Integrate with Etsy