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Online ordering and delivery for Filthy Mac’s Burgers

PepperStreet is really proud to have built the new Filthy Mac’s website which allows burgers and other meals to be ordered online for collection at Filthy Mac’s or delivery within Bollington.

This exciting new website has pushed our boundaries again at PepperStreet delivering an e-commerce enabled website for ordering from Filthy Mac’s in Bollington. You can order burgers, rib and other food whilst adding on drinks, chips and cakes in the process. We have tried to make the website as slick as possible for the customer to allow easy ordering. In addition to the e-commerce element, users are also able to book a collection or delivery date and time slot via the website, and that can be up to 2 weeks in advance. There are delivery and collection slots every 15 minutes.

We also integrated a social wall on the website pulling in feeds from both facebook and instagram, and a feed from facebook also pulls in all the latest reviews so people can clearly see what is being talked about.

The design was inline with the existing logo and what the client asked for was classy but qwerky. We hope we have achieve both of these things whilst not compromising the user journey.

You can order Filthy Mac’s delicious food Thurs – Sat evenings from 5pm – 9pm at

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