At the end of the day, the most important opinions about your business and your brand values are made within the first few seconds of a potential client visiting your website.

The look and feel of your website therefore plays a very important networking element in your business. You wouldn’t send out a boring, badly dressed incoherent member of staff to a vital networking meeting, so the same applies to your website, put your best foot forward. Show the world through competent and bespoke design what your business is really about, what values it holds and the face you want to show to the world. If you are a creative marketing agency there is no point having a template website that screams of mediocrity and conservatism. Equally if you are selling funeral plans, probably best not to colour your website lime green and orange with a funky font and dancing meercats. What is important is that the website design is made with your business in mind, this can vary from a unique and bespoke design through to a more considered template approach depending on your budget. Just make sure whatever you choose it reflects your business values.

Redesigning the PepperStreet website has been a bit like a bus mans holiday, it’s always last on the list and everything else gets priority. So with the smallest child starting school and PepperStreet on a major BD drive, it was time to finally cast out the old colours and logo and start again. We are a creative agency, we pride ourselves on a high level of personal service and a bespoke solution to your website needs. So the new logo hopefully reflects that. Colours that are crisp and fresh, that will let the design work speak out without crowding it with too much vibrancy. We wanted to instill confidence in our design capabilities, the font plays a major part in our logo, the handwritten font declaring that we design bespoke websites, in combination with the more traditional sans serif to highlight are focus on usability.

Our next step is to address all our content, we have already started building a portfolio of work to showcase what we can do. Watch this space for further ramblings on the importance of content and how to appeal to both your potential clients and google.