61508 Promoting the proper use of ICE61508

The 61508 Association is a cross-industry group of organisations with a common interest in functional safety, particularly in applying IEC 61508 and related standards correctly in order to demonstrate compliance and improve safety for all.

The Brief

61508 needed us to update their very old website and find a way of organising the myriad documents which made up the bulk of the website content. PepperStreet went back to an old friend in the form of the Barn2 Document Library plugin and used categorisation and tagging to make sure all the documnets could be easily searched on the website. In addition, the administartors of the site are easily able to add new documents and updated existing documents which will automatically appear in the sorrect sections.

The design was a challenge as the organisation had little imagery and the content related to safety standard documentation. We used icons and abstract patterns to create a fetching design that didn't need to reply on photographic imagery. We also used the logo as the inspiration for the triangle effects across the site. We are really pleased with the resulting website design.


  • Website Design

  • WordPress build

  • Usability and wireframing

  • Document Library

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