Supporting equity in makerspaces

Making Spaces is an international collaboration to develop and share inclusive practices in makerspaces

Making Spaces is a research project based at UCL. Working with makerspaces in five countries, the project identifies and shares equitable practice to support diverse young people’s engagement with STEM.

The Brief

Making Spaces website was build in conjunction with Cavendish Designs who work closely with UCL, PepperStreet designed and built this website within the strict brand guidelines issued by UCL. However the playful illustrations and colourful pallette allowed us to really create something the reflected the ideas of Making Spaces.

This was another project where we were asked to develop a document repository to allow the team to manage and upload project reports and resources going forward. The BArn2 Document library plugin allows the client to add documents from the front or back end, drag and drop, convert Media Library files, or use the bulk CSV import. Once on the site each document has a download link and the ability ro preview the document. The client can add any file type, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, images, digital assets, audio, video etc. Finally all the documents are organsied by catgoery and tagged to facilitate the search and display of the documents in a user friendly way.

Project URL


  • Website Design

  • WordPress build

  • Usability and wireframing

  • Document Library

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