Xplore-2 is a clinical research trial on a novel restorative pulmonary heart valve. The client needed a website to disseminate information about the product and also to reach out to people who could be eligible to participate in the clinical trial.

The Brief

PepperStreet was asked design and build a 1-page layout website which would clearly and concisely deliver information about both the product and clinical trial. They also needed a contact page which would clearly display the multitude of centres where the trial was being done. The site was directed primarily as a US audience as the trials were being held in America. Due to the nature of the topic we needed a sensitive design that still gave off a sense of trust.

On the back of the work done was a second site for medical personnel Xplore2MD https://xplore2md.com. This site needed to have it’s own identity whilst retaining the ‘feel’ or the original Xplore2 site. Again the site was educational in message but was directed at a very different audience.

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Multiple Contact Addresses

 Single Page Layout and Navigation

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