Responsive wordpress website for Peak Proteins

New branding means a website redesign for Peak Proteins

After a rebranding exercise with Visual Sense ( of Bollington, Peak Proteins have a new logo and new branding for a growing business.

The Peak Proteins Website has undergone a massive transformation since it’s inception in 2014. With the new branding came the latest upgrade to a more professional web presence.

Peak Proteins prides themselves on the quality of their staff and the experise they bring to the business. With this in mind we have created an extensive team profile area with each member of staff being profiled on their own individual page. We included publication, personal information, professional photos and other team membes on each profile to create a comprehensive log of all the staff and their areas of expertise.

In addition to the team area, PepperStreet has also worked with Peak Proteins to create a large resources area on the website which gives users and hopefully potential clients access to a wide variety of industry links and documents. To achieve this we used a brilliant plugin from Barn2 Plugins called Document Library Pro. In conjunction with a free plugin called PODS we created multiple custom taxomonies which allowed us to upload different types of documents and categories them into meaningful structures. This repository of documents and media also showcases the breath of expertise that Peak Proteins have and sets them firmly in the forefront of their field giving potential customers a good sense of their specialist knowledge.

Take a look at their lovely new website.

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