Responsive wordpress website for The Bollington Printshop Macclesfield Cheshire

A new fresh and vibrant responsive wordpress website for the Bollington Printshop

PepperStreet is back helping local businesses improve their web presence, this is especially important for many of the local businesses during the COVID pandemic. Being online is not just as simple of having a website as Vicki and Matt at the PrintShop found out when they took over an old outdated website for the business.

The Bollington Printshop is at the heart of the Bollington business community, supplying many of the locals with their print and design needs but the old website was …. well truly awful. PepperStreet set about creating a new online presence in for the Printshop that would reflect their brand and values. We used a wordpress core for the website and DIVI theme so that Matt and Vicki could manage the site moving forwards themselves. We also integrated social media into the site as Vicki is very active at promoting not just her own business but also other Bollington businesses on platforms like Instagram.

The wordpress website is responsive and works on laptops, tablets and phones equally well, the importance of this is clear when you see that nearly 50% of users in the UK are now accessing websites on their phones. (see data) This statistics will vary depending on your business and demographic of the users but as a rule of thumb if your websit doesn’t work well or look good on a mobile you are alienating up to 50% of users.

We hope the new website is funky, fun and reflects just what a thriving business the Bollington Printshop is. To view more in our case study please go to our portfolio.

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